ENERPAT E-Waste Recycling And Shredding Line
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2013-07-16

We supply professional shredding line used to recycling the E-Waste From
the begining to the ending, the shredding line playes its high function for
shredding your big quantity E-Waste. Strong building of the conveyors, with good quality and thick rubber belt
With emergency button installed on the conveyor, easy for control Ideal
design of the sorting system, easy for workers to sort the mixed scraps,
such as the paper, fiber, hard metal and so on. Magnetic separator plays its important role in the shredding line,
which separate the scrap metals and the coppper, aluminum, plastic
and so on. Separated scraps carryed by conveyor to different skip bins. Two shafts powerful MSB-55 metal shredder, Low-speed, high-torque,
two-shaft, shear shredder Recommended for metals, soft plastics,
tires, product destruction, or any diverse and contaminated materials
where particle size variation is allowed. We also help you selling the shred e-waste.

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